Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day Three.

So, like clock work, I woke up at around 5:15 this morning (7:15 Georgia Time). I've done this every morning since we've gotten here. I went ahead and started my quiet time, which went kinda off path from the plan. Yesterday, we asked God for some words to describe us after writing our own descriptions of ourself. While I was writing, I suddenly heard, "Why can you say such beautiful things about me, but I can't about you without doubt?" It was really eye opening and really deep for just waking up. However, I'm very happy that I did hear that and have allowed the Lord to speak to me and process it through out my day.

For breakfast, we had hash browns, eggs, bread with Franco's homemade jamjam, and wonderful fellowship with the team. We have had a great time together this week. Soon we were riding the bus to the Abraham Project with laughter from some joke. Once we got there, we split into Team A and Team Bruce (we refuse to be called Team B) and Team Bruce went to Phase 2 - pulling out coffee trees from the ground was on the agenda for this morning!

Until Sean and I were stuck with the same tree for what felt like forever. Every single time we tried to use the shovel to 'spin' the tree in he dirt, some branch would start to break and make it even harder to get out. It felt so wonderful once that tree was out of the ground. Sean climbing a mango tree for a not ripe mango (just to say he did) and staying hydrated were in the morning mix.

Team Bruce took all of the gear back to the office and the whole group met up in the gym for a devotional and testimony from the interns. It was a really moving talk about acknowledging your weaknesses and accepting them instead of ingnoring them. We then prayed over the community around the Abraham Project and the people within the church. 

12:30 came and it was lunch time! I personally was very hungry and was very happy to see arroz con pollo (chicken in rice but it's so much more than just that, it's amazing) and homemade chips. I had a great time talking to the team and the missionaries. At least Noah and I were on a second portion before Stephen Jr. was done with his first plate. Right after lunch, we sat and listened to Sergio's testimony. His life went from one of the worst places without God to living a life loving Him. It was very powerful and very beautiful in its own way. 

Team Bruce then went with Mrs. Kenda to teach some of the older kids English. I had a really good time. I was paired with a girl named Alison who was adorable! She was very willing to learn and we quickly established that we could  communicate in broken language. Alison was very sweet and I was kinda upset when the lesson was over. 

The group walked over to the gym and started playing soccer/volleyball. I demonstrated my terrible soccer skills very quickly, but I still had a good time. The plan was suddenly changed by some unexpected changes thanks to the weather so we went and played with 2-3 year old kids in the daycare. Becca and I went with a group of about 5 little girls who were so energetic while giving us fake food and dolls. They were absolutely adorable!! 

Afterwards the whole mission team went to Steve and Georgiana's house to pray for them and their youngest daughter (who is going to college). It was very sweet and that is a wonderful family. Kristin brought some pastries (thanks to Bruce!) from a nearby panaderĂ­a which was great food too. That ended our day at the Abraham Project and we rode our bus home. 

Before dinner started, Gabby, Becca and I started a game of Go Fish. Dinner was great with some spaghetti and more bread. We went back to playing Go Fish with more people. I dropped out to write this blog post, but during the game an iconic quote was said. This completely sums up our level of brain function at this time of the day. 

"Do you have a black red?" Noah. 

Well, we're about to start the team meeting. I can't wait for the rest of the week! 

By Shannon Galloway

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