Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day Three Pictures

Day Three morning had our Team A in Day Care and Team Bruce back on phase two!

Team A taught a new lesson in the Day Care using Jesus' example and teaching the kids how to pray. 

Using the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:5-15, our students walked them through, what does hallowed mean? What does God mean by bread? What does debts mean? What does temptation mean? 

At the end of the lesson, the kids made an awesome craft designed again by Sarah who has done an amazing job leading all things kiddos this week. 

TeamBruce headed to phase two to dig dig dig out those coffee plants closest to where the new bridge will be placed once the permit comes in! Please pray with us that the permit will come through this week! 

Devotions were led on Day Three by our sweet Madeline. She was a part of our RiverStone Youth team a few years back - two years in a row! And has now returned to the Abraham Project as an intern! Super proud of this girl, her heart for the nations, and how she carries the joy of the Lord no matter where she goes! 

Afternoon brought more projects and team #allgirlsknockitout completely cleared this side of the bridge. Come on! I am so super proud!

Notice the before:

And after:

Team Bruce taught our second round of English lessons and did an amazing job with the older kids. No matter what we ask our team to do they do it whole heartedly.

Our day also consisted of figuring out that Noah is the sheetrock/drywall master. We had the sweetest prayer time with our missionary family. 

And we discovered that our students are sweet, tender, and super competitive when it comes to playing cards 😍😭☺️😂

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