Monday, June 5, 2017

Day One Pictures

The Famous Franco Porch

Abraham Project Tour!

Intense Spike Ball recreation time!

Recess with the daycare children!

FaithAnn with our missionary Stephen!

Team B working hard!

*it is the missionaries responsibility to maintain the grounds of the Abraham Project. Therefore first on the list today, was - maintaining the grounds!

Team A teaching in the day care!

Team orientation with Stephen!

Team B continuing to knock out the hard work to finish out the day!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures! My prayer for you today:
    Thy kingdom come, Lord, Thy will be done in Costa Rica as it is in heaven;
    That cities and nations would be built through the work done today;
    That You would give keys to unlock (and lock where necessary);
    That eyes would be open to see answers hidden in plain sight;
    That the team would have great favor, constant elevation in the kingdom;
    That every person a team member meets today would be changed by the Gospel of that team member's life;
    That schedules would flow with ease;
    That every team member would exhibit the mind of Christ -- that of a humble servant;
    And that no child would be left untouched today by the gospel of Christ.
    Let it be, O God.