Monday, June 5, 2017

Day one- Working in the Abraham Project

Today was our first full day in Costa Rica, as well as our first experience working with the Abraham Project. 

When we first arrived we were immediately greeted by some of the nicest, happiest people I have ever come in contact with. They told us about their lives before and after they started working within the project. They joked with us and automatically made, at least me, feel at home. 

We split up into our teams of two, we call them Team A and Team B. Team A was designated to teach lessons to the daycare kids, while Team B was sent off to do some "construction" work. My team and I, Team A, were waiting for the 'okay' so we could proceed inside the classroom. Unfortunately, we had to be pushed back on time, and was not able to have the Lesson for that age group and had to wait until the next class was ready. Meanwhile Team B worked their butts off pulling weeds, derusting tractors, mowing the grass, and painting for the project. 

Once the class was ready so was our very first lesson, taught by Gabby Nutt, to the age group of 4-6 years. They were extremely attentive for their age and seemed to grasp the concept rather quickly. We then went to the next room and taught the 3-4 year olds the same lesson on prayer. They had a much shorter attention span than the first group but were very respectful and understanding. 

After Stephen gave us a tour of the project and explained to us, in detail, how the project was started and how it thrived. He shared with us stories of the children and the kinds of homes and situations they come from. There was not one person on the team whose heart did not hurt after hearing those stories and the horror that went on. We all gained a new respect for not just the children but the missionaries and the house parents who welcome those kids in with a loving heart. 

Once we had all comprehended and processed the reality of it all we ate lunch, played some basketball, as well as spike ball, and were back off to work. 

Team A went back to the children but this time was to teach English to the older kids in 6th grade. Really we didn't have to teach much because the children already knew basically everything we were going over, we were more jogging their memory. Team B split up, half painted the tractor, while the other half put up dry wall inside one of the childrens homes. Team A finished with time to spare so we took advantage of our time left and had recess with the 4-6 year olds. We played hot potato but with two soccer balls and when you got caught with one, you had to run into the middle of he circle, find and put on your shoe before the other person did. They loved that game, which is so outstanding to see how the simplest things make those kids faces light up with joy. Lastly, the gringos were challenged to a game of soccer by the 4-6 group. We weren't the best team at soccer but the children could've cared less. 

These children here have such great fun hearts and do not take anything for granted. If anyone learned anything from today it would be our Mission Team more than the kids. Today was such a blessing.

By Halle Kireta

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  1. Incredible way with words Halle. I'm so glad to hear how the trip started and already is making an impact in the groups heart, especially yours. I look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more about how God is touching you guys as you love as He loves. May your hearts be broken to the things that break His heart. Love Dad