Friday, June 9, 2017

Day Four.

I woke up this morning on a mattress on the floor, because I decided I was hot. Breakfast was at 7:00, just like the previous mornings. There was the same amazing jam, bread, fruit, rice & more. By this morning, all of the kids, even the ones that didn't like it, were drinking coffee, which was a sad day for the coffee drinkers that now didn't get as much coffee as they originally did (aka me).

After breakfast, we went to the Abraham Project, & I instinctively searched for my favorite dog at the project, Matcha. I'm a part of the B team (team Bruce), so we went to the daycare to teach the children about the Lord's Prayer. We made crafts with the different classes full of familiar faces hugging me, asking the children their names, & convincing them to roll their glue sticks back down. 

After helping in the daycare, we headed to the multipurpose center for our daily devotional. This devotional was definitely the most impactful one for me personally so far. We divided into groups of four with one leader per group, & analyzed a passage of scripture, John 7:53 - 8:11, where it talks about the woman caught in adultery. We read over it, then summarized it. Within our groups we observed both man & God, but we could only describe them by what the passage said about them, not using any prior knowledge. This way someone who graduated seminary & a non believer were in the same playing field, with no advantages. We were able to see great things in the scripture. 

After the rest of the exercise, we ate another fantastic meal, played volleyball & basketball in the multipurpose center, & finished our devotional by praying for the missionary families in groups & their specific needs. 

After all of this, we headed over to phase two, where we continued to clear land for future children's homes. While we were there, rain started pouring for the first time, & we trudged back in the rain, or in Becca's case, hopped through the puddles. 

Once we dried off, we headed over to Franco's where we took showers & played cards viciously. After dinner, a few of the missionaries came over to talk with us & tell us their testimonies. This was such a sweet time of fellowship, getting to know one another in a way we haven't before. I am so grateful for this team & what God is doing in & through us.

By Kristen Meeks

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