Thursday, June 5, 2014

You work hard...You play hard

I strongly believe that if you work hard, you get rewarded well!  Our team worked hard all week.  From bending rebar, to lots of sanding, painting, and mixing TONS of cement by HAND ... they earned their day of great reward.

Their day started early with a wake up call of 6am and on the bus by 7.  We headed to the Pacific Coast and a beautiful drive it was!  
Our first stop was zip lining down a mountain.  This wasn't an easy feat for all--fears had to be conquered by some--but now they can all say they went zip lining down a mountain on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica!! 

After conquering our fears down the mountain we loaded our bus with Diego for a short ride over to the beach to a hotel where we enjoyed a picnic lunch, a pool, the coast, cards, iguanas, and just sweet fellowship with eachother.

Then it was off to dinner at our favorite restaurant... THE TACO BAR!  It was such a sweet ending to our trip.

It was then time to load up our bus for the trek home--that offered a beautiful lightening storm.  We are so thankful for Diego that carries us so safely through Costa Rica time and time again!!  

A beautiful day of sweet reward.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day Two of Construction in Rio Azul!

Tuesday was our second day of construction work in Rio Azul!  We laid the concrete floor of the church building that will eventually be used for the children in Rio Azul.  We also finished the second coat on the chairs and started in on the desks!

After Rio Azul we headed into San Jose to do some local shopping at a market to bring home some goodies.  Then it was home for spaghetti night at Franco's...which the girls were excited about. 

Then it was coffee time at a local plaza with our missionaries--story time with Stephen and homemade cheesecake by Bruce.

Tuesday was a great and hard work day. The kids have worked hard and have earned their day of great reward!!