Sunday, June 1, 2014


Sunday was a great day for our team!  We were able to worship at the Abraham Project.  This is always a favorite moment of mine--seeing Jesus worshipped in another tongue is beautiful.  We also got to participate in communion here which was a first for our team that has come to the Abraham project over the years. 

After worship we headed over to the Children's Homes and shared in lunch with the kids.  We then took a hike around the corner to an indoor soccer field to play with the kids.  For the littles that weren't playing we painted their finger nails---and they returned the favor!
After soccer we headed back to the Abraham project...
For a lesson on identity in Christ taught by Madeline and Brittni...
And Josh.
Then we had a time with the Children's Home kids playing Youth Group Games! 

It was a great day!!

Our time at Home is great filled with lots of Franco's jam jam...
Card games...
And quality time!  Only a few fingers have come close to being broken over cards!

Please continue to pray for our team.  We head out for a full day of construction work today.  We need Jesus!  At this point we are a little tired and weary.  

Thanks for praying!!!

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