Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day Two.

Day two: The first part of the day I had my quiet time and hung out with The Lord. He showed me new things. At 7:00 we ate an amazing breakfast and headed over to the Abraham Project. Once we got there, the first thing we did was tour the second phase. The second phase was like walking through the jungle. We got to see cool plants bugs. Stephen Jr. told us the story about the wonderful things God has done to provide the Abraham Project the land. Then after touring phase two, I painted a tractor with FaithAnn and we had a lot of fun talking to Bruce, because we were able to hear a little bit of how he enjoys living in Costa Rica and some ways the Lord has changed his life. While I was painting, team B taught daycare and were able to hangout with the kids for a little bit and the other half of team A worked on putting drywall up in a house while they hung out with a worker Sergio. 

Later, Stephen jr. and Kendra led us through a devotional about prayer and gave us good scripture to us to advance our prayer life. Soon after the devotional we were split into three groups to pray for the children home kids and know a little more about them. Such a powerful time!

After finishing that we prayed for lunch and ate a delicious lunch made by Sergio's wife. Then the team went to go play basketball with our new friend Lester. Following that we unloaded a truck as a team and team B lathered up in Bug spray and sunscreen and went to go help clear out phase two. While they cleared out the land some of team A degreased a tractor, while Noah and I helped Sergio put drywall up in one of the children's homes. During that time I was able to get to know Noah and Sergio more. Soon after we finished, everyone else came back from phase two. Our bus arrived and we departed to go to Franco's house. 

Once got back to Franco's, we hung out a little bit and got ready for dinner, and ate very soon after. We then went back to the Abraham Project for a dessert party with the missionaries and the interns. On the way to the Project we saw gorgeous views of night lights on the mountains. Once we got there we ate some fantastic desserts and talked to everyone. Two really cool parts from that party was that Stephen jr. and Kendra shared with us Sergio's story and how he meet the Lord. It was a very moving testimony and really beautiful to see how the Lord is faithful. My second favorite part of the party, is that Stephen jr. took everyone to the multipurpose room and showed us the beautiful paintings of stars. in glow in the dark paint on this huge ceiling. It was really cool. Pretty soon after the see the "stars" we said good night and went back to Franco's. Once we got there we had a team meeting and Brooke continued to teach us about encounterment and relationship with Jesus and the Father. It was a sweet way to end our day and head quickly on to bed to get rest for day three!

By Gabby Nutt

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