Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day Six.

The day starts with the ever so bright sun peeking through the windows at the early hours of 6 AM. After waking up, we are followed by our cup of coffee (which I've only started drinking this week), the world's best bread and jam, and the unusual breakfast food of rice and beans, which is typically scattered on our plates to look eaten. We load up the van and head over to the children's home at the Abraham Project for an exciting day.

At the children's home we have brought over every game and toy imaginable and the kids are loving it. We had jump ropes, face paint, soccer, coloring, and "making bracelets" (aka cleaning up all the beads dropped on the ground), and so much more. Seeing the joy on the faces of the children as they played was a priceless experience that I'll never forget. The kids were full of so much love for everyone, not to mention patience for our struggling Spanish. Having prayed for the kids just days before during our devotional it was incredible to see the kids in person and see God's love for them. Following the play time, was a frozen t-shirt contest, where many methods were used in trying to unfreeze the t-shirt and attempt to put it on. Once the t-shirt was thawed out, it was even more of a challenge to convince one of our team members to put on a freezing cold shirt. Our time at the children's home came to an end with pizza and soda.

After the children's home we headed off to watch the Spanish edition of Boss Baby with the kids. If you can't picture how that went with our minimal knowledge of Spanish, it was a rather confusing hour and a half for those of us who didn't take advantage of the time with a nap. However, it was so worth it to see the kids reaction to the movie and how happy they were to see it.

After the movie, we headed to Walmart to practically buy out the entire aisle of Costa Rican coffee. I remember hearing people laugh at the amounts of coffee we all had piled up in our carts. Afterwards, we headed back to Franco's and then went to church.

Church was really an incredible experience getting to hear people singing songs of worship in other languages. After worship, we went to the youth group and heard a sermon by the youth pastor and then got to worship with the youth group. While we may not have been able to understand all the words, it was clear that the Lord was overflowing in their hearts. After youth group, we were warmly greeted by a girl with hugs and wanted to talk to us. Her English was so incredible and she was so joyful and friendly towards us. 

After church, we went to the Taco Bar, an amazing restaurant. The time was filled with good food, bonding with our team and missionaries, and most importantly Bruce's cheesecake. We loaded the bus one last time that day and headed back to Franco's to sleep. The day was incredible and filled with so much of the Lord and His joy and I can't wait to experience everything else the Lord has in store for us in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

With love, Becca 

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