Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day Five.

Getting an extra hour of sleep for most of us was the start the day. We had a nice change of pace with breakfast as we were given pancakes -which was a nice treat - to go with our eggs, rice, and beans! 

We then headed to La Carpio with the missionaries Kendra and Stephen. Throughout the drive we got to listen to Kristen Meeks's many versions of Father Abraham and Stephen taught a song to the people in the back of the bus that was interesting. We drove through San Jose, Costa Rica into La Carpio a community that resides on a trash dump. 

When we got to our destination we walked into a little kitchen. The smell was a little hard to take, but we persevered. We then walked upstairs to where a beautiful church was. The church was so nice for the community it was in. They had awesome equipment, purple and white walls, and more. We got to listen to the story of the church starting, a testimony from the church starting, and the pastor's wife's testimony. Through it all you could hear of how much faith Gods people have had and how God has answered their prayers.

Within that time the interns, Bruce(another missionary) and Kenny (another missionary) came in. After that we hung out for a bit and then went down stairs to serve food to the kids of the community. Bruce asked 5 people to help feed babies and I was one of them. I kept making the girl I was feeding smile, but it got to the point where she would smile while chewing her food and it would come out of her mouth and she wanted me to keep stuffing her mouth with food without her chewing the other stuff. We had no napkins for them so I felt really bad when it got all over her face, clothes, and hands. She tried putting the rice back in the bowl that came out of her mouth but it didn't work so well. 

Then it was time to go back upstairs. When we got upstairs two ladies were starting a snake dance and were going around in the middle of the circle. One lady was holding the other lady's waste. Then, they pointed at me first out of everybody in the circle to join them, which at the time I didn't think I was suppose to join them. I didn't know what to do so I looked at the projector showing the dance and it had people going through the legs of the people in this line that was slowly forming. The lady at the front of the line confirmed what I was suppose to do by pointing through her legs. I think that was one of the most awkward things we had to do on this trip to some degree for everyone. They continued picking people from our team to join the line, then they starting picking children. By the time we were done we all formed a snake. Then we did some more dances. 

After this we played four corners and Gabby Nutt and Kristen Meeks taught a lesson. Then we did a craft with the kids based on the lesson. After all of that, all the kids left. We cleaned up and went down stairs in the mini cafeteria to eat lunch. 

Once we were done we got back in the bus we toured La Carpio. The church we went to used to be on this side of La Carpio that the trash dump is on. We were able to see the old church and see God's faithfulness. It was hard to see the houses that sat on the edge of the trash dump and see the poverty that this community lives in and see where the children that we ministered to live. Yet, seeingg the joy on the kids faces at the church in La Carpio through all their troubles really shows how the Lord has been working in their life, through us and all the love they are given at the church. No matter what the circumstance, the Lord is always there for His people. 

From our tour, we made it to the market. I got a super good deal on head bands and we were convinced that since Shannon was speaking so much Spanish to the guy, he gave a great discount, 3 headbands for 4 dollars. Everybody got nice souvenirs. Once we got back to Franco's some of us went to a store and bakery across the street. We then took a picture with glossy man ( a statue). We got back and had dinner and hung out together. 

Through out this week I have been on a fun journey trying to listen to the Lord through many ways. I feel the Lord is trying to show me plans for the future and about myself right now. I am excited to see how this will continue to go on through the rest of the trip. :)

 By FaithAnn Bagley


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  2. Great post FaithAnn! Very detailed,
    We are all praying for you and your team!
    Keep up the good work for His Kingdom purposes! So proud of you!