Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rest, Fellowship, and Outreach

This morning was a sweet morning of rest. We slept in for starters! Yay! The team deserved a day that a wake up call didn't come till 7:30am! After quiet times and breakfast we headed to the local market to purchase our souvenirs! Quite the local experience and lots of fun!


After the market we loaded up for another restaurant favorite of ours... The Taco Bar! This is a new one in the city and we were excited to try it out! Sweet, sweet fellowship was had by everyone this morning! Not to mention amazing smoothies!

This afternoon took us to our Outreach that we have spent a lot of time praying for...yet having no idea what to expect! We drove into an area that the Abraham Project has been trying to partner with. The pastor spent time before we got there inviting people in the community to come to this event. The people that attended do not normally attend church and our rough estimate was about 85 people in attendance!

The Outreach started with worship, preaching done by the pastor, an alter call that people went up for prayer....2 received Jesus into their lives! Afterwards we served them a meal that we had actually provided for financially. Thank you to all of you that supported our team-you made this happen!

After the meal we had a special time just for the children... Crazy game time and teaching done by Josh and Nolan. I'm so incredibly proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zones and teaching in another country! They did awesome and they taught on being a friend of God.

A few shots from our crazy game time together....the outreach was incredible! Thank you all who prayed us through it!

Our team meetings each evening have been especially sweet. Jesus has been so good to us and met us in our little room that we gather in. I've been so grateful to John and his willingness to lead us in worship and lead us into the presence of Jesus. I'm going to miss these sweet times with this team when we return home.

At tonight's meeting we talked about specific words that had been spoken to our team before we left. One in particular that I shared tonight was in Mark 6 where Jesus feeds the five thousand. As I shared this word and shared how I felt God fulfilled the word today in our was incredible as people shared that they read that passage during their quiet times this morning. Love how Jesus moves. Love how Jesus loves this team and how He is moving. He is so, so good to us.

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