Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day One at the Abraham Project...and a stirring of the heart

Hello first work day of our trip! It was a great day and the team did amazing! We never heard them complain and they worked really hard!

We started the day with Jonathan sharing the beginning and the roots of the Abraham Project. It's incredible to hear how it all began and to know what you are giving your heart and time towards. I encourage you to take some time and read up on the Abraham Project and read their story by clicking here.

We took a tour of the facilities. Pictured below is the building that houses the Day Care Center. It truly is all beautiful. If you read the history, you read how God provided the wood for these buildings to be built--completely donated--scrap lumber that we would normally throw away has been used to build these buildings.

After the tour--the work began. One crew painted--pictured below is one of the Children's Homes that they are painting. Don't worry parents. They were completely safe!

Next group was leveling dirt for plants to go in -- in front of the beautiful new murals! They also spent time digging a ditch for a new pipe to go in.

Another group was chiseling cement off the cement truck--to clean it up and be used soon!

The last group was pulling nails out of a pile of donated wood. So neat to be a part of the wood process that has built the Abraham Project!

Lunch brought us an incredible meal made the beloved Olga...then it was outside for a game of soccer. Ticos (Costa Ricans) vs. Gringos (Americans). It goes without saying who won.....but we are happy to report that Gabby scored for the Gringos!

We worked a little more after lunch before the typical afternoon rain storms moved in...

And we had to move our afternoon projects to the "bodega" (the barn).

Back to Franco's for the evening...some rest time, a walk to the local market, an amazing dinner....

Then it was team time--worship led by John-then sharing our favorite moments from today and sharing what God showed us in our quiet times. We then talked about how the Abraham Project was built by people having faith and believing God for the impossible. Psalm 103:19 and Hebrews 11:6 were our verses of the night. The challenge of the evening was to write down the dreams that are in our hearts...and maybe even the dreams we have given up on. We then journaled and worshipped a little longer. We were encouraged today by the Abraham Project and the faith that the people have. Our hearts are stirred tonight to believe God for the impossible.

And now.....this is where you can find the team....enjoying sweet, precious fellowship. It's a beautiful thing.


  1. Thanks for the update! Thinking about and praying for you guys...!

  2. Gabby got her soccer skills from her dad!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Soccer pro: you made us proud!