Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day on the Worksite...& a Turn in Our Trip

Day four on the Abraham Project.....

Was spent finishing up our construction projects. Continuing our work on construction of new walls.....

Finishing up our paint job on the sanctuary...

Time was spent throughout the day cleaning up the Abraham Project!

Soccer was enjoyed for a fourth day in a row! Our students are becoming pros!

Some of us took a walk down the street to find the local bakery! Treats for the whole team thanks to Mama Kenda!

Today's Day Care lesson was about the fact that God desires to spend time with us...all the time! I'm so proud of our kids and the way they taught and led these lessons! Very thankful to Megan for all the prep work she put in ahead of time and the way she led our students during the trip. Today completed our time in the Day Care. The Abraham Project offers this incredible opportunity to the local neighborhood as a safe place for the kids to be while the parents are at work. For more info on what all the Abraham Project offers click here

Team members also spent time today with Steve and Georgiana Thomas--missionaries here at Abraham Project. We folded, labeled, addressed, stuffed, and stamped their most current newsletters. It was such a blessing to spend time with them. For their incredible story click here

Good fun has been had by everyone this week! :)

**With the completion of our construction work projects the trip takes a turn from here on Children's Home Activities & Outreach! Please cover these times in prayer!!** We finished up on the worksite a little early today to head home to take showers and clean up. We then headed back to the Abraham Project--but for our first time at the Children's Home. (Click here for more info on the Children's Home and what they are all about). It was so sweet to see those kids again. We did a date night out for the parents of the homes---KFC all around. The kids loved it! We then watched a movie in each home and had popcorn. It was then time for brushing teeth, pj's, then heading to bed!

The parents returned--the team loaded the bus and came on home. Costa Rica is playing Honduras Costa Rica. The streets are electric and cheers are still ringing as I type this! We had our team meeting tonight. Went around the room and share our favorite things from today, then sharing what we have had to trust the Lord with on this trip. Proverbs 5:3 was our verse for the evening, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding." John then led us in a sweet worship time to close the meeting.

After the meeting we found the soccer game on tv....and then some prep work for tomorrow's outreach took place.....

This team....they have my heart.

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