Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day Three on the Worksite...and even a trip to Walmart

Day three on the worksite started with a walk around the Abraham Projects new property. It's beautiful and we can not wait to see the plans for it unfold (4 more Children's Homes!). Today brought us more precious time teaching lessons in the Day Care Center. Our kids are doing a great job teaching on how to hear God! Construction projects continued throughout the day...we have almost completely painted the inside of the worship center! We are excited to attend church there on Sunday! Soccer continued with mixing up the teams of gringos and ticos...our kids are getting good....and a little braver! The day at the worksite wrapped up and we headed to... WALMART! The team did there souvenir shopping for things like coffee and cookies, then we headed home for the evening. After dinner we had an amazing team meeting where we talked about prophetic words and then spent time asking Jesus for them for each other. It was a sweet time. The team is doing awesome. Everyone is healthy, sleeping well, and for the most part figured out how to make the hot water fixture work on the shower. Tomorrow is our final day of teaching in the Day Care and construction work..then we move into the Children's Home and Outreach portion of our trip. Thank you for praying for us! We are so grateful!

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