Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello friends! A quick Wednesday night update for you--we just got home from Jonathan and Amy's home and we have an early wake up call in the morning.

Today was our last day at the Abraham Project--which was heart wrenching. We've fallen in love with the people and good byes are always hard.

We finished our shoveling of the gravel. Next step for them will be to pour a sidewalk where we cleared the gravel.

How many gringos does it take to dump a wheelbarrow? How many do you count?

Our official team picture on top of the pile of gravel that we moved.

Some sanding of scaffolding--Then it was off to lunch. Amazing once again. We have eaten very well on this trip!

After lunch--another game of soccer with the Ticos. Today the teams were mixed of Gringos and Ticos.

We finished out the afternoon with finishing up the scaffolding. Robert and Matthew cut the grass of the children's home to close us out. At the same time of the construction work we had a rotation in the Daycare Center. Today's lesson was salvation and a sweet time of fellowship with the kids.

After our goodbyes at The Abraham Project we loaded our bus and headed to Walmart. Lots of coffee and cookies were bought to bring home!

After Walmart it was home for showers and dinner before loading up the bus and heading to Jonathan and Amy's for our team meeting. Amy made homemade guacamole and Jonathan lead the evening and lead us into His presence. We talked about the specific things the Lord showed us throughout the week. It was a beautiful moment. As a surprise to Jonathan and Amy we asked our team members over the course of the week to pray for a prophetic/encouraging word for them. It was incredible tonight to hear the youth pray for them and to speak the words that they received. I love how the Lord shows up and speaks to each of one them. This team is very special and I believe each one of them is marked for great things in the Kingdom.

In closing, here are a few pictures from our drive into the project...

And over looking the shed from the property...

Tomorrow we are up early and headed to the beach. Pop quiz--I asked the kids what ocean will they be seeing you know? :)

Location:210,San Antonio de Des,Costa Rica


  1. I know I know!! How about the Pacific ocean for 300 Alex? LOL. I miss my boy but I know he is fine and I can't wait to hear of how he has experienced God firsthand. Please take a picture of him facing the camera. I need to see his face. Thank you so much. We are still praying for you guys.
    Much love.

  2. May you have safe travels home. What a blessing to watch each of the team this week showing a servants heart. God bless each and everyone of you! Thankful for such great team leaders!