Saturday, May 26, 2012

A beautiful first day

It has been an incredible day! The team has done an awesome job! I'm so proud of them!!

Here we are bright and early ready for our first Costa Rican meal!

Then it was off to the Abraham Project and spending some time with Jonathan and Amy. We were deeply encouraged by how the Lord is moving, doing great things, and by His miraculous provision.

These steps were actually built by a 2009 RiverStone team. Dennis, this picture is for you! 😄

Up next was working with the children in the children's home. We played field games together including three legged race, the shoe bat relay, and the four way pull was a hit!

Worship was fun then it was off to the girls having a princess day and learning how beautiful they are and that God sees no flaw in them. The boys did a great job of teaching about the armor of God.

A pizza party was had, goody bags headed in for a nap and we returned to our home. We decided to explore our neighborhood together....

And have some quality time playing signs....

Dinner at our home-then back on the bus to head to youth group! We brought some classic RiverStone youth group games--four corners and finger jousting.

Then Jordan brought the Word.

Back home for a team meeting and another few rounds of we're all settling into bed. We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of our last two team members as there flight was delayed by about 2.5 hours. Pray for them please!

Please pray we rest well tonight. We love all of you and are thankful for your prayers!!

Location:210,San Antonio de Des,Costa Rica


  1. Praying for all of you and the people of Costa Rica. God is doing amazing things through all of you!

  2. As in the past, each day you will be named in my prayers.

  3. A Pentecost prayer for you today:

    Holy Spirit,
    Come as power -- to reign supreme and to drive out every rebel lust that may raise its ugly head.
    Come as teacher -- leading these servants into all truth, filling them with understanding.
    Come as love -- so that they may adore the Father and love Him as their all.
    Come as joy -- to dwell in them, move in them, animate them.
    Come as light -- illuminating the Scripture, moulding them in its truths.
    Come as sanctifier -- making their bodies, souls and spirits wholly Yours.
    Come as helper -- directing their every move.
    Come as beautifier -- bringing order out of confusion, loveliness out of chaos.

    Magnify to this team Your glory by being magnified in them and make them redolent of Your fragrance so that many will come to Christ. In whose Name I pray. Amen.