Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday-A day of rest

Hello friends! Sunday was a great day of rest before we jump into construction work and teaching in the day care center tomorrow.

We started the day with going to a local church. I (Kristin) had the privilege of teaching Sunday School. I taught out of Luke 7:36-50, sharing my testimony and the life of my dear friend Katie. After Sunday School we headed to worship. We loved our time there and the Word that was preached (in Spanish-Jonathan translated it for us later) in Joshua 1.

After church we headed to a restaurant and all had very typical Costa Rican meals. If I could bottle up the guacamole and bring it home, I would!

After lunch we headed to a local market and did some shopping. I know the team picked up some amazing things for their family and friends back home!

After a stop at a local bakery for a pastry and a coke, we headed back to our home for some rest and playing of games. Dinner was had at our home before heading over to Jonathan and Amy's home. We so enjoyed our time with them. We worshipped and spent time listening to a teaching on martyrdom. Let me ask you tonight, "What do you burn for?" We are thankful to Jonathan and Amy and loved spending time with them in their home. We loved sitting in the Lord's presence and hearing Him speak to us.

Buenas noches friends. Enjoy His sweet Spirit as you sleep tonight. We look forward to all that the Lord has for us tomorrow and coming back to share it with you!

*Our final team members did arrive safely last night and we are thankful to all be together. Thank you for praying!

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Location:210,San Antonio de Des,Costa Rica


  1. You guys are in our prayers. God has something mighty for you guys during this week. He will spark a new ministry and personal relationship in the hearts of the youth. I believe you went to give to the people of Costa Rica but you all will really dive something much greater. I love you guys. Kiss my boy for me. Shamichael

  2. I meant you will receive something much greater.

  3. We are excited for what God is doing in and through each of you. God bless each team member to use their unique gifts and talents to minister for Him!