Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our First Day in Rio Azul

What I love about our trip this year is our stretching out of comfort zones & a mixing up of our schedule that we aren't use to.  We had two days of construction and Day Care at the Abraham Project and then today we headed up the mountain to our first day at Rio Azul.  We had to unload a little bit of weight to make it up the mountain.....

Rio Azul is beautiful and shows us a side of how many Costa Ricans live.  I'm very thankful we get this opportunity to minister in this community and make relationships I hope will last for years to come.
When we first arrived to the church in Rio Azul--there was a dance ministry ministering to the kids. 

Up next it was our turn.  We had games & a lesson planned for them.  Organized chaos might be the best way explain it.  But the kids had a blast.  When we arrived there were about 40 the end we counted 95.

After the craft we served the kids lunch that we (you!) provided for them!  It's humbling to know that may be the best meal they receive this week.  After lunch we handed out gift bags that we made the kids.  I had received an anonymous donation of bags and sunglasses outside my office door about 6 months the time I was unsure what to do with them.  We finally felt led to take them to Costa Rica, added some bubbles and crayons and it was a hit!! Love to see The Lord provide!!

After our time with the kids it was time for our prayer walk through Rio Azul and to visit with one family in particular.  We got to go inside their home-which had dirt floors a tiny kitchen and a tiny living room.  Again, so thankful that we get to have our eyes open and to how others in this world live--yet this family loves Jesus and are so incredibly grateful for what they have.  Tonight as we snuggle in our own beds it makes us think twice about what we have and to not take it for granted.

After Rio Azul we headed home for a short rest time--before heading to the Abraham Project.  Our evening was a sweet time spent at the Children's Homes at the Project.  We provided a date night for the parents of the homes and we watched the kiddos.  Pizza, popcorn, go fish, and a movie.  It was a great, great night with sweet fellowship with the kids.  Unfortunately we aren't allowed to take any pictures of the Children Home kids-so we don't have any pictures of this evening, but do know it was great!

We returned home for a team meeting of sweet worship time led by John and writing down encouraging words for one another.  I love our team and how they love one another.  Thank you for praying for us!

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  1. Wow! Looks like a great day in Rio Azul. Thank you for posting.