Thursday, May 29, 2014


But expectation is the key that unlocks the storehouses of heaven and opens the way for God to speak to us.  Never pray without expectation.  Expectation let's God know you are waiting for a response.  He will always be faithful to answer an expectant heart.

Expectation is the key to the move of the Holy Spirit among the saints.  When saints gather with anticipation, the Holy Spirit moves in response, no matter who ministers in front of the.people.  Those who expect nothing never leave disappointed.

Do you want to hear from God?  Live with expectation.  Pray with expectation.  Listen with expectation.  You will hear His voice.


Above was our topic of conversation at our team meeting tonight.  Expectation is on our hearts as we move through this week...

Day Two has been a beautiful day.  A tour of the Abraham Project, construction work, soccer, and an afternoon filled with lots of fun with the Day Care children.  Home for showers and dinner before heading back to the Abraham Project to have banana splits with the Thomas Family--the directors of the Children's Homes at the Project.  Back home for a team meeting and the team is quietly sleeping now.

We are having issues loading all the pictures we took today....we will try again in the morning before we head out.

Love you all!

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