Friday, May 30, 2014

Day Three.... A Very Full Work Day!

Good morning!  We are getting ready to head out for day four.... But before we go, here is a recap of day three!  

The students are troopers!  It was a full twelve hour work day- and we never heard one complaint!  They are hauling, lifting, sanding, and painting.  Our students are really hard workers and we are so proud of them and their work ethic!

While construction work was going on we rotated our students through the Day Care.  Each group taught a lesson on Jesus healing the blind man.  They led the children with a craft to demonstrate His great power.  

In the afternoon the great Costa Rica rains came in and we moved our afternoon Day Care activities with the children inside.  

One highlight of the day that the students I'm sure would love for me to mention is that each day at lunch  the gringos (that's us) play the ticos (the Costa Ricans) in soccer.  The gringos finally scored one goal!  The ticos still won....but goal is a huge accomplishment!

After a really long day we came home to have a night in....which was needed.  We had two team meetings.  One to get ready for today and one to debrief yesterday and to talk about hearing from The Lord.  The last picture is preparation for today!

We are headed out for Rio Azul!  Thank you for praying for us!

Diego's curb side service during the down pour.

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