Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day Two in Pocora/Guapiles

As a member of this team, you commit to waking up early to hanging out with Jesus before you start your day. Hanging out with Him on a porch in the middle of a rainforest is by far one of the coolest gifts He gave us on this trip!
Day two in The village of Pocora was met with some adventure! Some of our girls got to try out their baking skills!
This church makes empenadas and sells them for a quarter to raise funds to build the church. This is an all day affair as they are cooking them in a toaster oven. 
Our team consisted of amazing hard workers!
Still working on those empenadas...and while we were there we saw God provide the church with a new oven!!!!
Prep work for VBS-Tuesday = Jonah!
Fellowship with the local children is a highlight!
Soccer-always time for a game of soccer!
How does my phone always get photo bombed by missionaries!?
This picture says its H-O-T here--but no complaining!!!!
This guy-Steve Junior-it is an honor to say he is our missionary. He leads us so incredibly well and loves our kiddos more than I could ever ask. If you have a heart for Costa Rica and want to invest in what God is doing here-I would love to tell you how to do it through this guy!
I sure am glad our team isn't afraid of hard work--and heights!
Ah-the four way pull-in Costa Rica! 

Empenada and coffee time!!!!! Way to go girls!!!!
It's a good thing the clinic is right next to the church-sweet Melissa and her nasty broken toe! Ouch!
Shift in plans and Josiah steps up to the plate and leads us in Jonah! The team did great going with the flow and jumping in when and where and as things didn't always go as planned!
Team hang out time is always great!

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