Thursday, March 8, 2012


Welcome to our 2012 RiverStone Youth Mission Trip to Costa Rica Blog!  We pray that this blog becomes a source of encouragement for you along with letting you be along for the ride of this adventure the Lord has us on!

Thank you for your partnership and for loving us well!!!

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  1. In light of celebrating Pentecost (this Sunday), my prayer for you:

    Lord Jesus, when Your Spirit descended up Your disciples, they were filled with power and spoke the languages of those who came to hear their witness. Today I pray that Your Spirit will also break through the barriers that divide nations and people and that there would be unity among this team who inhabit this world known as Costa Rica. Give them the strength to transcend their physical, emotional, and psychological differences and recognize that it is Your Holy Spirit who unites them by making them all participants in Your own divine life. May Your Spirit open their eyes and ears to Your ongoing presence among them. May they recognzie You when they serve not only "the least of these" but each other as well.

    Unite their talents and giftings to build Your kingdom on earth, for without Your Spirit they are powerless, but with and in Your Spirit they can renew the world. O, God, may it be!